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 Find Deeper
Connection &
Have Better Sex!

Finding greater connection & sexual authenticity only feels impossible.

Do you ever dream of living a life that is brave enough and large enough to hold all of you? Do you dream of relationships with depth enough to hold the intricacies of connection that you and your partner or partners yearn for? Do you dream of creating sexual interactions that you can bring you full self to; nicks, bruises and hiccups included?

Maybe you haven’t found these things, yet. However, I can help you find them. In fact, I’ve dedicated my professional life (and a good chunk of my personal life) to helping people craft rich lives exactly like these. You deserve a tailor-made life and relationships complex and connected enough to hold all parts of you. This includes your gender, your sexuality, your relationship style, your spirituality and all of the beautiful things that make you, you. Maybe (or even likely) those parts of you that make you feel insecure.

If you’re ready to craft a life and relationships that are large enough and rich enough to hold all of you, I cannot wait to hear from you! I work with individuals and relationships both online and in-person.

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Gregory D Kilpatrick, MSMFT, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 123790) in the State of California.

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