Getting Started

Finding a best-fit therapist and getting started can feel daunting.
Let’s simplify this!

Step 1


Learn about the therapist.

Might they be a good fit for you?

What are their fees?

Do they work with your insurance?

If you’re working with me, I am committed to offering sliding scale fees, as I am able or connecting you with a therapist you can afford.

Step 2


Take a look at their areas of specialty.

Does the therapist have experience with what your wanting to work on?


Step 3


Set up a phone or video consultation to ask questions about approach and qualifications.

Side note: Many therapists do not have significant training in sex and sexuality. Be sure to ask specific questions about this, if this is an area of concern for you.


Step 4


Set up an initial session.

Your therapist will send you some paperwork prior to your session which will ask some simple questions about yourself as well as outline polices.

Be sure to ask any questions you may have!