Mental Health Coaching Sessions

Offering you affordable support during the COVID-19 crisis

I can imagine that life might feel pretty stressful right now: you wouldn’t be the only one who feels that way. The past couple of weeks have been an incredibly challenging for us nationwide and worldwide. In talking to friends and colleagues, I have come to learn that there is a shortage of affordable resources for coping with COVID-19 stress. Here’s the reality; many of us have never dealt with this type of stress before; much less, this type of stress coupled with enforced social isolation.

I believe that people have the inner strengths they need to weather this storm. They just need a reminder that they do—and maybe some suggestions of how to awaken them.

Below, you’ll find a link to schedule a 20-minute mental health coaching session with me. I have opened up a sliding scale option where you can select your fee from $20-$50, because I know that this time is particularly challenging for many economically. If you need a fee lower than is listed, there’s an option to request that as well.

While this isn’t therapy, per se, we can use this time to process some of your stresses and equip you with skills to push through it. Whether you are a student at home managing online classes, or you’re on leave from work or have been laid off, or are managing family stress or managing your own stress in trying to adapt to this new (though temporary) reality; I want to hear your story and help you through it.

Be well,

Greg Kilpatrick, AMFT, MSMFT