Relationship Therapy

So you’re watching Netflix with your partner, and suddenly “that” conversation comes up. Maybe you’re in bed and that “thing” that always seems to be happening is happening once again.

Relationships can be HARD! Let’s find new ways of relating. I have particular expertise in working through sex and sexuality issues and working with queer relationships. Together, we can work to build a better path forward. The first step is as simple as reaching out.

Individual Therapy

Life can be really hard, can’t it? You might  feel stuck in an anxious or depressed rut. You may be struggling to make sense of your gender or sexuality. You may be finding that things in the bedroom are not going smoothly. You may be finding that your religious system is no longer feeling like home.

These situations can be hard to navigate alone. However, there’s a path forward. I work with folks who want to work through these exact challenges, and am ready to partner with you too. Don’t force yourself to figure this out alone. Reach out and let’s discover a new life.


You’re not necessarily feeling depressed or anxious, but you’ve definitely been feeling out of sorts. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your path. Maybe you’re in a life or job transition and you’re looking for some guidance. Let’s help you get back on track!

Through coaching, we can help you to grow into the person you’re trying to become; whether in life, love or spirituality. Help is just one call away. I’m here and ready to help you grow.


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Gregory D Kilpatrick, MSMFT, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 123790) in the State of California.

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